AWS tools

Five coolest new AWS tools

AWS is the most popular cloud platform globally, utilized by both startups and large corporations.  It is a one-stop shop for all cloud services, including data storage and analytics. The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of AWS’s cloud services/tools enable businesses to increase their efficiency and performance. Similarly, these services provide a wide variety of additional capabilities…

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DevOps Roadmaps

DevOps Roadmap- A Step by Step Guide to Master DevOps

According to the study by IDC, the DevOps market is expected to expand from $ 2.9 billion to $8 billion by 2022.  As stated by Glassdoor, the average DevOps engineer compensation is $103,253 annually. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT jobs are anticipated to grow 13% between 2020 and 2030.   These…

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IT industry jobs

Five Most Demanded Jobs In The IT Industry

IT industries are thriving, from blockchain to cyber security to cloud computing. In 2022, there will be over 23 million developers worldwide. By 2023, the developer count will have risen to 27.7 million, making software development one of the highest-paying and fastest-growing positions in the IT industry. In today’s IT industry, highly specialized talent is…

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Learn AWS


Cloud computing is sweeping the cloud world, and so is the demand for IT experts with cloud computing skills. According to Gartner’s latest forecast, global end-user spending on public cloud services will increase 20.4% to US$494.7 billion in 2022. Still on the fence about learning AWS and starting your career? With large companies such as…

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Is Alpha and Beta Testing Necessary For The Company?

Every organization performs a series of tests to ensure that a product is ready for release before launching it. These tests are required to ensure that a product does everything it is supposed to and delivers a quality user experience. User Acceptance Testing includes two necessary testing – Alpha and Beta testing. After the Product…

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