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Five Most Demanded Jobs In The IT Industry

IT industries are thriving, from blockchain to cyber security to cloud computing. In 2022, there will be over 23 million developers worldwide. By 2023, the developer count will have risen to 27.7 million, making software development one of the highest-paying and fastest-growing positions in the IT industry. In today’s IT industry, highly specialized talent is in high demand. However, which IT jobs are the most in-demand?

In this article, we will discuss the top five fastest-growing IT careers that are on the rise. Let’s get started.

IT jobs

Most In-demand Job: DevOps Engineer

In the computer and information technology industry, jobs are anticipated to grow 13 percent between 2020 and 2030. Over 6,400 DevOps engineer jobs were posted on Glassdoor as of 2022.

A DevOps engineer is an IT professional with a broad understanding of development and operations and is responsible for balancing the needs across the software development life cycle, from coding to deployment to maintenance and upgrades.

A DevOps Engineer must be proficient in coding and scripting languages such as Python, Pearl, and Ruby. In addition, they should be familiar with the Linux environment and several DevOps tools, including Ansible, Docker, Jenkins, and Travis CI.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a DevOps Engineer is $103,927 annually in the United States. The additional compensation is anticipated to be $28,447 per year. Additional compensation may include a cash incentive, a commission, tips, and profit sharing.

Cloud Architect

Gartner estimates a 20.4 percent increase in global cloud services in 2021-2022 and a 21.3 percent increase in 2023. This trend reflects the increasing adoption of cloud computing due to digitization and improved automation and agility.

Cloud Architect is a highly demanded and best-paying job in the IT industry. Cloud Architect is an IT professional developing and implementing the company’s cloud computing plans and ensuring that cloud systems are updated and operate efficiently.

The cloud architect role requires comprehensive knowledge of cloud application architecture. Moreover, they must have expertise in cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

The duties and responsibilities of a Cloud Architect include the following:

  1. Determine the best cloud architecture solutions to fit the company’s needs
  2. Monitoring, diagnosing and optimizing the cloud architecture
  3. Running cloud-based applications securely and efficiently
  4. Regular review of system and operation to ensure reliability and improvements


The average salary of Cloud Architects is $169,205 per year, according to glassdoor.

Site Reliability Engineer

SRE engineer is a software developer with an experience in IT operations. The role is responsible for the deployment, configuration, and monitoring of code, availability, latency, change management, and disaster management.

SRE engineers need to know programming languages and cloud service providers like AWS and Google Cloud. Additionally, They will need to be familiar with various automation technologies because they have to develop and integrate software tools to enhance the scalability and reliability of systems.


As per Glassdoor, the average salary of a Site Reliability Engineer in the United States is $103,260 annually.

Full-Stack Developer

By 2024, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be 8.53 million open Full Stack Developer opportunities, making it one of the professions that will grow the fastest.

A full-stack developer is proficient in both back-end and front-end development in building a website or an application. In addition, a full-stack developer develops and builds APIs using MEAN stack technologies.

Full-stack developer skills include:

  1. Excellent command of programming languages
  2. Understanding of designing and developing an API
  3. Expertise in scripting and  fundamental knowledge of web development concepts
  4. Excellent command of database technology


According to Indeed, the average annual compensation for a full-stack developer is $102,307 in the United States.

Cloud Security Analyst

A Cloud Security Analyst is responsible for security risk analyses, examines security technologies and services, reviews and documents information security guidelines and practices, and monitors and manages alerts in the cloud infrastructures.

The job skill requirements of a Cloud security analyst include the following:

  1. Comprehensive understanding of IT infrastructure, information security, and compliance procedures.
  2. Strong knowledge of network vulnerability and web application scanning tools
  3. Outstanding analytical and problem-solving abilities
  4. Experience in creating and implementing corrective action plans


According to Glassdoor, the annual average salary for a Cloud Security Analyst is $85,014 per year.

Final Thought

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