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Why Are Offline Courses Still Better Than Online?

Online courses or offline courses, what would you prefer?

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed traditional education forever. Students must enroll in online classes instead of attending physical classes. You can access vast sources of information and courses on the internet whether you want to learn how to code or learn data analysis.

In today’s world, your mind must be flooded with so many questions thinking about a career in the IT discipline and other sectors. So, let’s look at this topic: Why are offline courses still better than online?

Which Is Better for Learning: Online or Offline?

Online courses provide you the flexibility and convenience of learning from anywhere globally at your own pace. In contrast, offline learning requires that students physically be present in a certain location.

Learning a programming language online gives you both freedom and convenience. However, offline coding classes offer more logic, engaging, and efficiency. In offline classes, you can interact one-on-one with your tutor and classmates and take challenges and practice.

Let’s look more thoroughly at the differences between online and offline learning.

offline vs online

Direct Guidance from Teacher

In offline classes, you can have face-face interactions with your teachers. Imagine you’re in your offline classroom. You can simply ask your tutor whenever you have doubts about a certain topic. It will take less than a minute to get real-time feedback, and you will resolve your queries.

Now think of your online classroom; you are studying the study material of your online course. In between, you get some queries and don’t find the solution. You seek assistance and try to communicate with your virtual tutor. However, you can’t get the answer immediately. So, you’ve to wait to continue your studies and lose momentum.

Collaborative Learning

Technical courses like programming become more efficient when the team works collaboratively. Of course, you can collaborate online, but nothing beats peer-to-peer brainstorming and debugging sessions in a physical class.

Collaboration is crucial when creating a usable, reliable, and functional product in real-world life. Likewise, collaboration is necessary to produce a usable, reliable, and practical product in the workplace. You will be half ready for the professional world if you know how to synchronize with your team.

Focused Learning

Online classes offer flexibility; however, they might not always be beneficial. You require the internet to attain your online classes. But it has several distractions. For instance, you can watch movies or surf the internet all day. Moreover, the Internet might not be your only distraction when you study from home. Family and friends might equally be sources of distraction for you.

Therefore, it’s easy to procrastinate and have lesser focus during online learning. However, in offline courses, time and schedule are well planned. Moreover, you have to attend classes in-person in designated time which enhances the motivation and accountability to complete the course.

Technical Issues

In online classes, technical issues are a constant obstacle. One needs access to appropriate computers, webcams, microphones, and internet connections. So, technical issues such as slow internet connection and lack of availability of technical infrastructure hinder seamless learning. In addition, students face difficulty in attending live lectures and downloading online study resources.

On the other hand, offline classes rarely have to face such technical issues. Learning mostly occurs within a physical classroom, so technical issues are not a major issue unless lessons require presentations and computers.


There are no right or wrong answers when comparing online vs. offline classes. Both learning modes have pros and cons while meeting students’ needs. Besides these two, another learning model is emerging, i.e., online-offline medium of learning. It is a blend of classroom instruction and online knowledge sources. Hybrid learning is at its finest.

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